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Facebook Launch Their Dedicated Live Video Section

We already know how much time and effort Facebook are putting into Facebook Live, so it's unsurprising that they're now bringing out more features and really trying to push it to a wider audience. Celebrity endorsement has been their most prevalent tactic so far, but now they're hoping that placing a live video button at the bottom of the app might encourage more regular use of the service. It seems unlikely that Facebook will be able to beat Twitter with Periscope and Snapchat with their live video but they're definitely giving it a go.

Facebook's messenger button, ever present within the Facebook app, will soon be replaced with a button that will open up a Facebook Live video menu. From there you will be able to see what streams are live around the world at that moment as well as your friends streams. If you're using Facebook for business this could be pretty useful as you can get friends of the company checking out the streams and sharing it, as well as hoping people will stumble across it through the menu. For solo projects, as long as you give it a good title, you might get people watching without needing to promote it yourself. However, this was all stuff that you'd expect to see in any live video streaming service, so Facebook have added their own tweaks.


One of the things Facebook have added are video topics, this means you'll label the video and anyone who is following that topic will be able to see it. Due to this Facebook Live isn't that bad for finding video streams to watch but it still requires hunting through things that you don't want to see. If you want to stream things privately to a select group of people, Facebook now also allows you do that and if you do find something you want to share with someone else then they'll receive a push notification. Be careful with that though as it could become really annoying real fast. You can react to video with hearts like on Periscope and you can also add video filters and see a map of where in the world people are watching from. So it's a mixed bag of usefulness and potential annoyance, and the fact still is that a lot of the useful features are already available on Periscope.

Facebook really want live video to work though as they know it could be the next big thing, especially with VR headsets starting to be released. Imagine what it'll be like one day to be able to watch a 360° live stream as if you were sat right there with the person? That's going to be the next big thing in live streaming one day. For now, go out and explore Facebook's live video feature. I'll let you make your own mind up about it.

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