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Facebook At Work's Launch Sees Further Delays

Facebook was supposed to have launched a freemium version of their Facebook at Work service by now, but instead they're still working on it and people outside Facebook have all but forgotten about the potential service.

Facebook at Work is an interesting idea and one that's been in testing for a while now, but it's still far behind where it should be. Facebook were trying to compete with Slack on this project, but as Slack introduce more and more features, Facebook has been sending their service further and further back into a beta test. You have to wonder what on earth they could be having so many issues with that three months into 2016, they still haven't announced a release date. In fact at the F8 conference there wasn't much more than a passing reference to Facebook at Work.

Could it be that Facebook don't see a need for their 'at work' initiative after all? That doesn't seem likely, but the issues they have been having aren't necessarily due to something that they're doing wrong, but instead due to how customers use it. Plenty of companies have been willing to sign up for the service and give it a test run but it doesn't appear that many of those users would be willing to use a paid version. Freemium is all well and good, but with a service like this, they'll need to be able to make good money to be able to keep the service up-to-date and working. There wouldn't really have been a point for Facebook to have created this service if they can't sell it. There's also an issue because Facebook aren't even sure how many people would be willing to keep on using the free version once it was released officially. The beta version might make the companies feel useful or like they're keeping up with the times, but this suggests that none of the users are happy enough with the service that they'd be willing to make all the changes to adopt it full-time. Considering that this could be a free service, it's kind of shocking that businesses that are already using it are not sure whether they'd want to use it full-time or not.

It sounds as if Facebook have a lot of work to do if they don't want this to have been a failed attempt. Facebook at Work is a good idea, but it is still an awkward one. If they want businesses to sign on and start using it all the time then it needs to be more than a Facebook they can only use to contact co-workers and work together on the same documents because there are already a lot of options out there for them to do so.

As it is Facebook are still working on this service and the hope that this will only be another few months delay.

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