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Donald Trump's Twitter Account Hacked by an Actual Troll


Recently, Anonymous declared total war on Donald Trump, but since they seem to declare total war on most things, the statement didn't feel all that consequential. Even less so when the issue sparked a widespread debate within the hacking community, as questions about their ethos of not taking political sides were raised.

Regardless, Anon are claiming that it's all going down today, April 1st, encouraging "everyone to target Trump websites". Well, it seems like Anon have already been given some outside help. At around 06:00 CMT (5am here in the UK, midnight in New York, where Trump's campaign HQ is based), his Twitter account was hacked from an unknown location somewhere in Norway, and reports suggest that it was done by a troll.

That might not sound overly shocking, screwing with other people online is the troll mantra, but I'm not talking about an internet troll, I'm talking about an actual troll. The source of the hack was quickly traced back to a computer somewhere inside the Raggejavreraige cave in the Nordland County. The cave is known to house a small colony of trolls, as they will occasionally take villagers from the nearby residence of Musken.

The tweets posted, and other changes made during the hack were quickly rectified. The tweets were written in very broken amalgam of Norwegian and Old Norse, making them rather difficult to translate, but most of them were somewhat crude variations on the theme of "I am Donald Trump and I have the mouth of a fish". Apart from villagers, fish are a big part of the troll staple diet, which further supports the idea that a troll was the culprit. What supports it even more is the fact that Trump's profile picture was replaced with this selfie:

Blurry as it is, that's clearly a troll. In fact, experts have confirmed that it's a Dovregubben, or 'Mountain King', a smaller, hairier variety known to lurk in caves. They can also smell the blood of Christian men, and Trump is a Presbyterian, which places him squarely in that category. Some of the tweets also had Trump declaring himself to be "stinky", suggesting that it was his scent which prompted the troll to target him in the first place. It's entirely possible that it was hoping to annoy Trump enough to prompt him to travel to Norway, and then eat him.

Trolls are an ongoing issue in Norway, as previous governments have tried to introduce further power line construction to corral them (you can see NATO Secretary General and former Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg talking about it here), but this is the first record of one being able to even use a computer, much less hack the Twitter of a presidential candidate. 

Researchers reached out to Trump's campaign representatives, asking them to allow the troll to keep using his Twitter account until they could find out more, but they flatly refused. Trump has since blamed an intern for the incident. 

Callum is a film school graduate who is now making a name for himself as a journalist and content writer. His vices include flat whites and 90s hip-hop. Follow him @Songbird_Callum

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