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Bots on Messenger Have Officially Been Announced

This is the news we've all been waiting for; Facebook have officially announced their bot store for Messenger and are joining the likes of Kik, Line ad Telegram in opening them to the public. Messenger's bot store will focus on businesses, which already puts them a little ahead of others, but what should we expect?

Essentially Facebook's bot services will work the same as most other bots. For instance you could contact CNN's bot and receive a daily digest of news on topics you would be interested in. There's also a flower buying service where you just send them a friend's name and they'll send them flowers. Of course some of these services are US only but of course Facebook is a worldwide service and you have to expect that they have some early agreements with companies all over the world. We don't have much information about what they'll offer outside of the US but I think we'll know what exactly is going on pretty soon.

These bots are being trained with conversational language so users can speak with the bots like they would another user. For some of these bots it will not be necessary as they'll just need to search things or a menu will pop up. However this could make customer service a lot easier as you won't need to ring a number and go through all the hassle of finding the right person. It could also make finding items easier due to some bots being able to provide you with options related to search terms - similar to what the H&M bot can do on Kik - however even if you don't search something then users will still be able to receive structured messages which may contain images, links and call to action buttons. They may give you the option to swipe through a product carousel or click through to buy things as well. It's worth noting that when you buy something through the bot, it won't be directly through Messenger. You'll be taken to a third party source to pay with your card unlike when you buy something on Facebook.

Developers are already getting the chance to build their own bots and companies are being encouraged to utilise them. Facebook are also offering sponsored adverts that would allow them to send adverts to users who had conversed with the bots. This could be very annoying but it means that Facebook would be making more money.

These bots should be accessible now and, let's face it, they're definitely going to become one of the biggest things Facebook has released this year.

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