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YouTube Star 'DigiDan', of TrollStation Fame, Jailed for 36 Weeks

Free Digi Dan | Change.org
A couple of months ago we reported on TrollStation after they were featured on Inside Out. On the show they referenced how founder Digi Dan was going to court over a bomb hoax he participated in for a video. He has now been sentenced to 36 weeks in prison for causing a bomb hoax with intent and for participating in pretend thefts of famous artwork where he used bad language and so on. This punishment doesn't come as much of a surprise but it hasn't gotten a good reaction.

The video featured Danh Van Le or Digi Dan running around with a fifteen year old boy and a ticking suitcase. They would show people the suitcase and then run off. The suitcase only contained a clock so no one was actually in danger but someone called the police anyway. They claimed it was an ode to the American child who took a clock to school and was accused of bringing in a disassembled bomb. Though you could say it's interesting to see how the British would react to that sort of thing, it was pretty stupid. Even if there is nothing dangerous around, people will be scared and a bomb threat even when harmless can shut down an area for a couple of hours. It was a risky prank to pull and they shouldn't be surprised by the reaction. Apparently they usually warn the police of what is going down but for some reason, they didn’t. They’ve received lots of warnings from the police in the past over their pranks, you would think for something like that they would make certain that at least one person was perhaps recorded contacting the police so they would have evidence of their warning if something did go down.

A spokesperson for TrollStation has commented that the sentence was pretty unfair and pointed out how Jackie Chan had blown up a bus in London with very little warning to the public and how that had no repercussions, even though that surely scared people more. Personally I think they're both on par with each other and that it isn't fair if someone is being punished and the other isn't, but this is what the court has sentenced.

The public reaction was to start tweeting the hashtag #FreeDigiDan. A lot of people are saying how unfair it is that he's being punished for making people laugh and pointing out that he was only filming the bomb hoax. The fifteen year old they used has also been punished with a year long referral order, though no one seems to really be talking about that. A petition has also been started in an attempt to free Digi Dan. It currently has over 260 signatures out of the required 500 and it will probably reach that number. A lot of people are completely outraged and feel that the police need to get back out there and start arresting real criminals rather than people filming prank videos.

No one can say what the end result of this is going to be yet but TrollStation and the public are right behind Digi Dan for now. And no need to worry fans, they'll still be filming videos and touring the country even with Digi Dan in prison.

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