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YouTube and the UN Invest in Female Creators

If there's a creative platform online that best represents gender equality, it's probably YouTube. Men and women seem to have an almost perfectly equal stake in content, and while it's fair to say that they are plenty of puerile, sexist videos on the site, but when you start looking at vloggers, it's a pretty even spread, and a lot of the most popular ones incorporate a lot of feminist and activist material into their videos.

YouTube clearly recognise this, as they've announced two new programs aimed at funding women on the platform. The first one is just an investment in 50 new videos funded through the 'YouTube Spaces' program, but the second is far more unique - a partnership with the U.N. to appoint women as 'Change Ambassadors'. Under that title, the women in question will join the Sustainable Development Action campaign as advocates for gender equality.

Six women from across the world have been chosen: Taty Ferreira, Hayla Ghazal, Yuya, Ingrid Nilsen, Jackie Aina, Chika Yoshida and Louise Pentland. The subjects they address in their videos differ wildly, but they've all spoken on feminist issues in the past, and as ambassadors they'll be doing it a lot more prominently, as well as working directly with the U.N.

You might wonder what exactly qualifies someone who usually sits in front of a webcam and talks to work with the U.N., but vloggers have proven to be better at reaching people than any other kind of celebrity in recent memory. Many young people struggling with personal issues have credited YouTube stars as having helped them through it. Vlogging might not be personal, but it feels personal, and people often appreciate the apparent honesty of it, it's much easier to trust a famous person's views when they're up front about what's going on in their own lives, even more so when it's a given aspect of the format.

The YouTube Spaces side of things is much more based around giving women a bigger platform, and throughout the month they'll be releasing more and more content with that in mind, to coincide with International Women's Day on the 8th of March. A whole range of different topics will be addressed, and YouTube are keen to stress that the women involved are working behind the camera as much as in front of it.

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