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#WeAreStrongerThanMS - Virtual Reality isn't Just for Video Games

Screenshot from surfer Steve Betti's video - NationalMSSociety
MS, otherwise known as multiple sclerosis, is a neurological condition that affects around 100,000 people in the UK alone. It comes complete with a multitude of symptoms and problems. Those that are physical such as: vision problems, balance problems, dizziness, fatigue and spasms. It can also cause issues with your bowl, speech, ability to swallow and cause a tremor. MS can also effect your emotional capabilities and memory function. It's a horrific disease that severely limits the sufferer's life and eventually kills.

The MS society have recently launched a touching Ad campaign that uses virtual reality to bring a special experience and gift to sufferers.The two amazing video topics are as seen above, Steve Betti and Amy Meisner.

Steve had been (and still is) a local legend and surfer for decades before his diagnosis in 2006. Now he's poured his passion into repairing the boards instead of riving them. The 2 and a half minute video shows Steve experiencing what it's like to be in the sea again, catching those waves through the use of a 360 degree camera worn by a fellow surfer Robert 'Wingnut' Weaver and a virtual reality headset. The headset immerses Steve into his familiar place of happiness, it's so beautiful to watch his body become alive as he experiences the movement and sights.

Amy's video is also along the same lines, a professional who grew up dancing on New York's stages, she was diagnosed in 1997, ultimately reducing her to a wheelchair. She now choreographs dances for others that have disabilities and tells the viewers that 'everyday you just have to say yourself that I can still do this.'

We also meet another professional dancer LaTonya Swann who not only wears the 360 camera for Amy, but tells us that she thinks dancing is the 'truest form of expression' and that she feels more comfortable expressing hard emotions through movement. We then watch Amy become engrossed in what the virtual reality headset it showing her, mimicking the movements and flow that she can see in a gracefully ethereal manner.

If you visit their page you can scroll down and view other submissions from extraordinary human beings that show us how they're fighting MS and the things that keep their hope burning. You can also write a post about someone you know, someone you love or someone who inspires you. This ad campaign's intentions are truly awe inspiring and illuminate that people with MS are fighters that we need to keep fighting. Share the videos and share the hashtag to keep this fight alive. 


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