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Universal Instagram App in Beta on Windows Phone as Other Apps are Dropped

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Everyone knows that Windows Phones aren't exactly all that popular and that getting apps for them is pretty difficult. Some big apps are universal and you can access them whether you have an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone but the latter two are in serious decline. So the fact that Facebook have put a universal Instagram app for Windows Phone into beta is interesting.

The app is going to be a port of the app available on the iOS store. At the moment this does mean that not everything works properly but obviously that will be fixed by the time it is actually released. The app is a universal port that works a lot better than any older versions for say, Windows 8. At the moment users tend to use third party apps like 6tag which have more user-friendly features and just look nicer in a lot of people's eyes. The problem with this port coming in so late is that a lot of people are saying they'd continue to use the 6tag app rather than a new official one. All this has done is got a lot of people hoping for an official Messenger app for Facebook that works better.

What might make people question whether this is such a good idea is that a lot of apps are being removed from the Windows Store. The official Tumblr app was recently removed and will no longer work on Windows Phone and the apps that were set to be ported from Android to Windows Phone have been cancelled. According to recent statistics, the Windows Phone isn't actually dying and their Windows 10 phones that are coming out should be a good help but this loss of apps seems to suggest otherwise.

Is this new universal app a good move for Instagram? In a way, yes, because new Instagram users will be drawn to the official app more than they would a third party app that they have to hunt down. This new app will allow users to DM as well as take, edit, post pictures and basically use Instagram as they would on any other phone. There's no information as to when the app will be fully rolled out but the beta appears to be little known right now.

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