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This New Social Network is for Those Who Waffle Through Pictures

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Social networks are a funny business and there are always new apps coming out encouraging people to use them because they're the brand new trend to turn to. Unfortunately most of those apps don't actually last very long, let alone get a very large user base. However, Samsung have decided to take on the challenge and have come up with Waffle, a picture based social media service for Android users only.

The idea of Waffle is that you take a photo, find something you like or draw something and post it to the app. Once your friends see it then they can add to the image, well, not to your image directly but they can add their own picture to the surrounding  grid. The number of squares on a grid that can be filled are infinite but the more photos you add, the smaller the existing images become.

It sounds like it could be a lot of fun and Samsung have described it as being a little like a communal graffiti wall, which was the same reason that I liked Yubl last month. It seems like a service that could be great for artists or just creative people in general.

However, there have been many complaints so far about this app and some are hoping to see it closed down after the beta. To an extent their reasoning is fair, for instance, what does happen if your picture gets no additions added to it? That could be pretty depressing, especially as it's something you would have worked on. But with a little more thought going into the starter images, this app could really inspire some amazing collaborative pieces.

The video showcasing the app shows people sending something to a grid to celebrate their birthday but that to me seems like a waste. If you do something special that you know others will want to add to then you don’t have as much to worry about.

The other problem is about privacy settings because there isn't any evidence as to who can actually see your waffles. Is it limited to anyone and everyone who uses the app or just your friends? Either way there could be trouble, and some trolls could decide to be crude on there.

That aside, this app is still in beta, it's a great idea and once Samsung have ironed out all the issues it could be an amazing service. It gives me a lot of ideas for what I could do and I'm already itching to try something similar. However this app could be removed from the Google Play store in the summer if it's a flop. Whilst others are hoping that will happen I'm going to encourage you guys to get out there and at least give Waffle a try and then maybe it'll be available to iOS users in the future too.

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