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The Yelp-Like Peeple App Has Arrived

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A few months ago Peeple was revealed to the world to a huge uproar. The app was described as being like Yelp but for people and it was clearly not a good idea.

The main issue with the app back then was bullying. The app allowed you to create a profile for just about anyone and write anything you liked without them knowing. Clearly that is going to be problematic but it didn't stop the creators from defending it and weathering the hate they got for it. Before I carry on with this point I would like to add that no matter what a stupid idea this app was, revealing personal information about one of the co-creators and spamming her personally with hate probably wasn't a good idea. In fact if you truly hate her for encouraging bullying and you then and go do that, then you're just as bad as you claim she is. The problem with ideas like this is that they tend to get a lot of media attention and things slowly descend into chaos. If the app had been rolled out to the public without any press before then it probably would have been shut down in a matter of weeks with many members of the press only reporting on the app's closure because of the scandal it caused.

With the app having gone through beta and having since been altered it's safe to say that though it still isn't a good idea, it has at least become easier to avoid being rated on there. You now have to make an account of your own before people can rate you and the app requires you to connect with Facebook. This is good thing because it means if you don't want to be rated or if you don't respond well to negative comments then you can just not install the app and not have to worry about being on there. Unless of course someone makes a fake Facebook account for you just to put you on the app which is still possible. Unfortunately that is something that happens on all social media though.

Other things that have been changed are the negative comment policy. If someone posts a negative comment about you then you can hide it. If it constitutes as harassment then you should still report it but if it was just something like "Example was late once or twice so I wouldn't hire them again" then you can choose to hide it and no one will see it. At least, no one will see it for the moment. Peeple are looking into releasing a paid version later on where you will be able to see all the negative comments about people that have been hidden, provided they haven't been reported and removed. You can also choose to change your relationship status so no one can rate you on a dating scale if you're just on there for professional reasons and if you don't want people to know where you are then you can toggle location settings off.

Though some of the problematic features have been dealt with, this app is still somewhat worrying. It's not something I'd ever think about using because I'd be too paranoid that everyone was going to say negative things about me. Being able to review people is kind of creepy when you're not doing it as a joke with a friend and chances are you won't hear anything you want.

If you're curious about what people think of you then you could give this app a test run but don't be surprised if it's not around for long.

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