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#RealMumMoments - Mother's Day 2016 Gets Real

Motherhood is one of the most idealised, airbrushed parts of life there is. It's characterised as a prideful, vitally important time during which parents figure out who they really are, in relation to their kids and in general. Mother's Day is the epitome of that, and social media has done nothing to damage that claim. Every year, Facebook and Twitter are flooded with appreciative, loving messages from people about their mothers, so much so that Facebook actively encouraged it this year, placing a timely reminder in the status bar.

On Twitter, however, things were a bit more cutting. A group called Digital Mums, an organisation that trains women on social media management, put the #RealMumMoments hashtag into operation a few days before Mothering Sunday and before long it was trending like a cat with a bow-tie playing a synthesiser. In space. Mums across the world used it as a banner for their most embarrassing/shocking/generally unbelievable child-care stories, providing an amusing, but sharp reminder that being a parent is almost relentlessly stressful.

The most consistent message of the campaign was just how ridiculous kids can be, both verbally and behaviorally, almost everyone has at least one story about overhearing a kid say something so unintentionally poignant/brutal/sordid that it was worth of inscription on a plaque in some weird museum, and such vernacular is almost always targeted at one or both of the parents.

Beyond that, others have shared almost nightmarish tales of their children breaking things, throwing tantrums, turning food into abstract artwork and generally embracing their inner gremlin. This is the first Mother's Day trend I've ever seen that almost seems to serve as a discouragement against having children. That probably wasn't the intent, but it couldn't hurt, we're living in a world where getting a tattoo seems to be regarded as a more contentious decision than having a baby.

The real point of all this was more to highlight just how easy it is to make things look clean, wholesome and incident free on social media. It's a well documented phenomenon, especially on Facebook and Instagram, but motherhood has its own private island of misrepresentation, not necessarily because new mothers post more, but because those posts are almost hardwired to get more likes and comments, pushing them to the top of the news feed, and the more cutesy the picture/sentiment, the more true that is. You'd hardly expect to see an image of a freshly defiled nappy turning up on Facebook, but new mothers see just as much of that as they see all those adorable emotive quirks.

If you would like to learn more about Digital Mums, visit their website here.

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