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MTV, SXSW and A$AP Ferg Team up on the First Snapchat Music Documentary

The words 'Snapchat', 'music' and 'documentary' might sound like they don't necessarily fit in one sentence without a lot of other words breaking them up, but get used to hearing them because it looks like MTV are planning on produce more than just this one. MTV Snapchat Docs: Art/Life/A$AP Ferg will supposedly follow the work and exploits of the eponymous hip-hop star.

On Wednesday, the film will roll out live in 10-second segments on Live Story, as it's filmed. MTV are characterising it as a 'day in the life' sort of thing, which is as much about framing how artists do when they're at SXSW as it is a window into Ferg's machinations. SXSW is a huge event, but only a small portion of the people who are interested in it are actually able to attend. Seeing the event play out in real time, especially with an artist as a tour guide is a huge draw.

MTV have been on Discover since last month, and it's kind of surprising they didn't use it to host this, but hopefully it will be a precursor to them using it for other kinds of SXSW coverage. They already try and put out as much 'behind-the-scenes' material as they can, but this is on a different level, and they're regarding it as something of an experiment.

SXSW always ends up being something of a tech/social media showcase for marketing ideas. Last year the distribution team behind the film Ex Machina unleashed a fascinating, sinister stunt using Tinder, and Meerkat tried to rally after being crippled by Twitter. There isn't anything quite so dramatic going on this year, but there's still plenty to crow about.

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