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Indecline Give the Hollywood Walk of Fame a Rebranding for #BlackLivesMatter

Funded by sales of merchandise, mostly clothing emblazoned with provocative slogans, Indecline have been doing their darndest to radiate anarchy and upheaval for some time now. Their videos tend to be heavily promoted across social media platforms, so it makes sense that they would eventually apply their provocative approach to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Typically, Black Lives Matter are more about controlled, coordinated protests than big stunts, apart from the hijacking of a Bernie Sanders rally. 'Stunt' is perhaps not a just term for this though. Armed with an epoxy gun, the Indecline team descended on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and marked otherwise blank stars with the names of some of the most notable (black) police brutality victims in recent memory, such as Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Dontre Hamilton.

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Since Hollywood stars feature symbols corresponding to the craft of the subject, the team also laid down their emblem - a businessman with devil horns. After the video went live, images of the stars began to appear on Instagram and Twitter. Not long after, a few people posted to clarify that the names had all been removed, presumably by the LAPD. Whether or not Indecline will be pursued for vandalism is unclear,
but one imagines that they've figured out a contingency for that, by now.

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Before this, the group had set Donald Trump in their crosshairs. They went to Tiujana in Mexico and daubed a huge mural on the wall just behind the national line featuring the presidential candidate with a ballgag in his mouth and 'Rape Trump', as a reference to his statements about the Mexicans crossing the border into the USA being rapists. Apparently though, they aren't done with him, as the head of the group told Sputnik News that they were in the midst of planning something 'much more elaborate pertaining to Donald Trump'.

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