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Facebook Wants to Start Building Their Own Social Dictionary

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The majority of Facebook users these days are older. They're the people who want to keep in close contact with family or people who moved away and they're the people who want to share every aspect of their life in a way that they now understand. Most teenagers still use Facebook but not as often as they used to, they've moved onto newer social media models that their parents have yet to invade. But it looks like Facebook is going to be using the teens still on their service soon to help build a dictionary of their own.

Yes, that's right, a dictionary. Facebook want to build a program that would allow them to scan for unique words in Facebook posts and comments and then organise them by age, location and so on. The software will look at words with repeated use and if it turns out that it's not a word that already has a common meaning, it'll be added to the glossary. Once the word has become unpopular it will be removed so this dictionary would be constantly changing and will basically just be cataloguing slang as it slowly grows in popularity. It would be interesting to know what they would plan to do with this glossary. Would it be open to users who don't know what their friends are talking about or is it just a way for Facebook to keep an eye on language?

Linguistics is an interesting subject and how it's changed thanks to social media and the internet is something that many people are looking into. It seems as if this dictionary would best aid the people who want to see how it's changed and how it will change in the future. That would require public access though and it would probably take a long time before the software had a list that was actually decipherable. What I can say is that hopefully this dictionary would be better than a site like Urban Dictionary where everyone and anyone can add a definition for a word. It would mean you wouldn't have to go hunting around the internet if people started using slang that you didn't know yet and that could work for Facebook who don't really want people to ever have to leave their sites and apps.

The patent was actually filed in 2012 and has a date of 2014 on it so it would hardly be surprising if it takes two years before Facebook decide what they actually want to do with the patent. The length of time before they even try and build something is still completely unknown but keep an eye out for more news.

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