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Do You #LoveTwitter? Twitter Turns 10 Today

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When a social media giant turns a decade old it is a big thing. Earlier this year Facebook turned twelve and they celebrated it with videos for every user. Twitter, however, seems to have stuck to the basics because after all, that's what made it a big thing since it's start back in 2006 and will keep it going for many more years.

A Confetti Cannon Like and Trending Tag

If you choose to like a tweet today on Twitter then you'll see a little explosion of shapes coming from the button. It makes the like button look like a little confetti cannon and a lot of users are liking and unliking things, just to see how it works. It's cute, amusing and very simple, yet it's still caught users eyes. Though considering how upset people were when Twitter changed the like button, it is obvious that they notice these changes.

There is also a tag trending to celebrate the birthday asking people what they love about Twitter. The #LoveTwitter tag also carries custom emojis at the end and it does brighten up your tweet quite nicely. The tag is mostly filled with positive messages but the odd person is being sarcastic and commenting on the way Twitter is run now that they disagree with. This is to be expected but Twitter has dealt with it so far and you can only assume they'll continue to.

Both of these things highlight what Twitter is about. It’s the short and sweet, the little images that really grab attention in a way that they might not do elsewhere.

A Video Thank You

While Facebook's birthday videos were personal to the user - and only any good if you have a lot of photos with friends on your account - the Twitter video was a general celebration for all. It shared some of the biggest moments as they happened on Twitter from the birth of Prince George in 2013 to the Arab Spring protests in 2010, the attempts to bring about change that haven't necessarily stemmed from the service but have allowed more people to vocalise their support for a cause like with #BlackLivesMatter and #LoveWins or just to spread good vibes for someone who has died, or many in the case of the Paris attacks (and not shown in the video but Twitter was one of the few places showing support for the recent Ankara attack.)

This video highlights the good that Twitter can do as a whole, the good that you can participate in even if it isn't focused on you. This feels like something you don't really get to see on other social media services. Who knows, maybe it could make some users who've abandoned Twitter come back again.

The Changes Ahead

Though many on Twitter are feeling nostalgic and are highlighting all the best moments of Twitter's past - Ellen's Oscars selfie is still the most popular photo posted on Twitter and is now making the rounds again - sometimes you need to stop and look into what could happen. This is especially important when you consider how well Twitter is doing right now.

Many users are still claiming that Twitter are censoring some of their users, others are angry that people are allowed to spread hate on the site and don't believe in the Trust and Safety Council. It's unsurprising that this along with some of the more recent software changes - the algorithmic time line, the removal of TweetDeck for Windows etc. - means that Twitter is going downhill. But they're slowly learning to listen to their users and their recent decision to keep tweets to a 140 character limit and the fact it's now easier to share GIFs on Twitter is proving this.

Twitter still has a long way to go if they want to catch up with Facebook. They're clearly doing something right considering Twitter is bigger than Facebook in Japan but until it's at least beating some of the other popular social media services elsewhere, it's not doing all that great. They need to become transparent, they need to keep the things that make it different to other social media services and they need to keep making use of their other services like Vine and Periscope.

Twitter is still ahead of other services when it comes to live-blogging, quick responses and keeping up with the news. These are the things that mean Twitter isn't going to fade into obscurity any time soon.

So why don't you sit back and think about what Twitter has done for you? It might be something small but it's probably going to be something that makes you want to tweet about it.

Happy Birthday Twitter! Here's hoping that you can make it to 20.

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