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Could the New Twitter and Instagram Algorithms Make it Harder to get Noticed?

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The beauty of services like Instagram and Twitter were always that anyone could get noticed and become internet famous. The way your posts were viewed by your followers meant they would always see your posts in the order you posted them. It might have meant that if you spammed something it was easier for you to become annoying but it also meant that when you finally posted the perfect tweet or photo, people would actually see it and respond.

The new algorithms for both Twitter and Instagram are similar to Facebook's so if you want your posts to be seen near the top - if at all - then your posts need to be considered popular and this won't happen if people can't actually see what your sharing. Of course some users will have dedicated followers who will be willing to click onto your page to see what's going on but face it, unless you were already popular, you're not going to have too many of them. This is going to be irritating for a lot of users, especially those hoping to make money out of their accounts but when it comes down to it, it's just going to mean you need to think more about what you post.

The people most affected by this change are going to be brands. While users have the hope of growing their user base and slowly getting their posts more widely shared, this is never as simple for brands. Once again popularity is key and if you're a new brand who is trying to use social media to get your products out there, then this isn't going to be easy. Of course you still have hashtags and other social media to promote yourself but the idea of using Twitter or Instagram is to garner more attention for your products and this kind of feels like going around in circles.

For both users and brands alike both of these services have now become even more competitive. In some ways this could be good as you will have to be more selective about what you post, as you have to remember that there are always going to be a lot of other users doing exactly what you're doing and you need to be better than them. Your posts need to be the most original, they need to be cleverer and you need to research. Check the tags you're going to be using, keep an eye on the competition and so on. If someone else does something that you know you could do better than them, provided you don't outright copy them, don't be afraid to do it.

This is kind of depressing to write because social media can be such a positive thing but in this day and age it's becoming more and more about being the most popular account around and these algorithms are the next step in cementing that fact.

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