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Can Image Crafting on #SocialMedia be Good For You?

In a world where nearly everyone uses social media, the image you put forward can be important. People will check out your profile if they hate you, if they're wondering whether they should hire you, if they want to date you, and so on. It doesn't matter who you are, there will be someone out there who will use social media to check up on you and the image we put forward can affect their opinions of you. But it's not only their opinion of you or your life that could be affected but your own too.

Paul C Brunson
Many people in this day and age are diagnosed with some form of mental illness and there are many more that probably suffer from one, but just haven't been to the doctor about it. Their social media pages can tell a story and you can tell when someone's mood drops and how long for through the way that they post. It's sad but it can be useful because not only does it let you know that something is wrong but it means you have tools that can get them help too. Sometimes it is nothing risky, sometimes the posts are filled with self-pity or cries for attention because that's the only way people know how to cope.

They want to talk, they want someone to be there for them and at least try and make them feel better, because it's happening on social media and they've seen all the nice messages other people get when they feel that way. When no one does though, and when it becomes so common that it feels like people think they're an attention seeker and that no one likes them, as no one is trying, it just becomes more depressing. Looking back on that later on when you're in a better mood can be at best embarrassing, or at worst a mood-swing waiting to happen.

For some people though it can be the opposite. Some studies suggest that pretending to be someone you're not or happier than you are can actually cause mental illness, because they feel like they have to be this person they share on social media. It can also have a detrimental effect on your memory. If you say you spent a weekend out with friends you don't have on social media when you spent both days alone, you're either going to be disappointed or you may form a fake memory.

Some people however don’t do this because of issues but because they want to impress people. Back in 2014 the Higton Brothers made a short film about a man who did such a thing, enjoying the likes he got even as his life completely broke down. He possibly made things worse by lying and not letting people be there for him but you can see why he wouldn't want the fact he was fired online or the fact he'd caught his girlfriend cheating on him.

But what if projecting good and happy vibes online could actually have a positive effect? The fact is when we think about looking back we all want to see how much fun we had and how amazing we are but if our social media is filled with posts about our negative feelings then we can't see that. If instead we share smiling selfies, if we share statuses about the fun things we're doing and the jokes that in that second made you smile even as you felt like you were dying inside then you have something positive.

When you look back on it, you might be surprised by what you see and remember and your time might not seem so badly spent after all. I'm not saying hide all your true feelings under a blanket of being someone you're not but limiting what you post so your walls and blogs and accounts don't get flooded with sad memories could possibly help you in the future.

There is a fine line between too much and too little and you have to work out what's best for you. Before you decide to post, stop and think. Even if you do suffer from depression or something like it then you will have bright moments. Make sure you share those; give yourself something positive to look back on.

When you feel low, you don't necessarily need to steer clear of social media, though it might help in some situations, but do stop and think how you would feel if your friends posted this. Would you be able to help them or would you either worry or just roll your eyes? If it doesn't seem helpful or you know you're just doing it for attention then it probably won't help even if you're so certain that this time will be different. If you can get some sort of balance, something that will allow you to stop and see that maybe things aren't so bad after all then you might actually stand a chance of getting through each bad period.

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