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#Bumble Makes Dating Political with #2016Election Profile Filters

Normally, if anyone uses the phrase 'feel the burn' in the context of dating, they either have a very poor concept of dirty talk, or an even worse one of how to console somebody with an STD. Now though, #FeelTheBern has some relevance to the topic. Bumble, the dating app that takes the Tinder model and makes it more female friendly, has added a set of political filters, enabling users to showcase who they're backing in the 2016 presidential race.

The filters all feature endearing little caricatures of the candidates and slightly less endearing, jokey slogans that none of the candidates in question would ever even dream of using. Ted Cruz has something of a reputation for aggressive campaign strategies but I think even he would agree that the connotations of "Cruz'n' for a Bruisin'" are a tad violent for a potential POTUS. The filters sit just at the bottom of your profile image, distinct, but not to the point of being invasive.

I imagine you're probably wondering why Bumble decided to include this feature, at a glance it might look like they're just getting in on a popular topic to increase the appeal of the app, but there's a bit more to it than that. Say you're a Clinton supporter, and you start messaging with an attractive, funny, interesting person. You finally summon up the guts to ask them out, and then, on the walk back from the restaurant, just as you're subtly checking how chapped your lips are, they start openly professing their love for Marco Rubio. Jeez.

I'm not suggesting that you can't date someone with a different political perspective to yours, in fact it can often be healthy to spend time with people who challenge your views, but when it comes to something as polarising as which presidential runner you're backing, it has far wider implications about what kind of person you are.

If, for instance, you're a vegan who frequently goes on animal rights marches, you're probably not going to get on with somebody who's backing an outspoken climate change denier like Donald Trump, and if you only find that out when you've already been on a few dates, you're going to be contending with an alarming amount of airborne crap and an unreasonably large fan.

Knowing that you support the same, or even similar candidates also offers you a way to break the ice when you first start chatting. That's why, beyond just the candidates, there are a bunch of lighthearted filters like 'Kanye 2020' and 'Pizza for President', as well as blanket democrat and republican banners for those who are undecided.

Dating apps which home in on a particular area of mutual interest have proven to be pretty successful, such as the music-oriented Tastebuds or the marijuana-centric 420Mate. Bumble are planning on releasing more different filter packs in the near future, so it seems like they're keen to make this on ongoing selling point even after the election.

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