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Apps for Learning - Biology

Well, call me Messi because I've got the hat-trick, all three sciences are officially notched (or they will be, at the end of this article). Both chemistry and physics have interesting, disparate practical applications in day-to-day life, but biology is the one that probably garners the most 'inherent' interest. Basically, people love animals, and our brave new hashtag driven world has only strengthened that appreciation. People like to know how things tick, and apps are great way of displaying that kind of information in an interactive, engaging way.

Essential Skeleton 4

3D4 Medical produce a whole series of apps which harness 3D technology to make learning about the human anatomy that much easier. Essential Skeleton might be the best of them all. This free app enables you to explore the human skeleton in extraordinary detail, almost like having a full size model of one tucked away in your pocket. There's detailed information on every section and bone of the body, as well as highlighting and fading bones back so that you've got a custom view. There are quizzes and other learning tools included too, but above all else it's a visually stunning app, best suited for tablet use but still well worth the download if you're on a phone.
It's one thing knowing that there are scores of animals across the planet which are endangered, but it's far easier to get invested in helping them if you actually take the time to learn about them. That's what WWF Together sets out to help you do. Featuring an interactive globe, news feeds, fact files and interactive stories about a host of endangered species, this app helps bridge the gap between awareness and action. The WWF has been a mainstay in conservation for more than 50 years, and it stands to reason that their app is the one to go for.

NHM Evolution

Thus far in my life, I've yet to encounter another museum as breathtaking as London's Natural History Museum. An institution with a long, rich, vital history, including important ties to almost every great explorer that's ever lived, it's a marvel of history and discovery. Who better, then, to develop an app which carries you through the history of the origin of species, and beyond. It's a bit pricey, but it's such a beautifully presented, comprehensive app that it more than justifies the £10 price tag. Interactive views of important fossils, tutorials from noted museum experts, a deep reference library and a time-globe showing tectonic plate movement through the millennia make up just a fraction of the litany of features this app offers. 


Of course, biology runs far deeper than elephants and elephant seals, it deals with the very building blocks of life, down to a cellular level. Cellular activity might seem like a more daunting thing to learn about, but with proper visual representation, it needn't be. Mitosis, as the name suggests, is all about cell division. The app features a library of different cell types and processes with visual representations, actual microscopic footage and contextual information. As with many other similar apps you can quiz yourself on the knowledge presented, but you can also move cells through the different phases of mitosis with finger touches, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Kingdom of Plants with David Attenborough

Ah David, you just knew he was going to turn up on this list at some point, last but most definitely not least. Unexpectedly, though, the app on this list which features him isn't animal-based. If you haven't seen Kingdom of Plants, you might want to rectify that, it was a groundbreaking series which used time-lapse footage and a number of other film-making techniques to present the life of plants in an astounding new way. The app is a near-perfect compliment to it. You can experience time from the perspective of a plant, sift through the research done at Kew Gardens, watch behind-the-scenes footage from the show and information about the parallels between the evolution of plants and insects.

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