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What's At The Top Of Your News Feed? Facebook Changes Its Algorithm

The days of people asking for likes to get their content seen easier are over. Facebook are changing the algorithm they use to decide the order of posts in your news feed. They're claiming they want it to be more human so people will see more of the posts they want to read and interact with rather than the most popular posts.

Of course you still won't personally get to say what posts you'd like to see which, all in all, does make it a little less personal. But Facebook are at least trying to get our news feed to provide a better experience for us. They've had a test group of users rating the posts that pop up on their time line since 2014 in America and that number has slowly grown to more than one thousand people. Now they appear to have all the data they think they need and are planning on rolling out this update sometime in the near future.

What Facebook discovered is that people will want to see posts like a friend mourning a family member's death, a family member having a baby and so on. Like many other social media services Facebook want to make the big events more accessible but in their case it's sharing the big events in an individual's life. Of course this might mean that posts of memes and how much exercise someone has done etc will disappear somewhere below, until something gets big again, which will be an unpopular change in some people's eyes. 

The algorithm is going to be constantly changing so this does mean that the types of post we see less and more of will shift regularly as well. Part of the reasoning for this change is to encourage more interaction, it was only last week that they announced the new like options and now this is something that they hope will encourage users to actually use them. This change has been a long time coming but at the same time, some of us are going to be asking ourselves, why bother? If you can't tell the system what's important to you or your values on social media are different to the American values then you'll still likely see lots of posts you don't care about. Hopefully over time the algorithm will cause the news feed to show you only things you want to look at, but I expect it's still a long time coming.

Rosina Brooker

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