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Video Ads on Instagram Can Now Be Up To 60 Seconds Long

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That's right, Instagram have now increased the possible length of the video ads on their service from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. I know, some of you guys are rolling your eyes and thinking why would you ruin our experience with this? But rest assured, the videos are easy to skip past and they only play while they're on screen.

It should have been expected that Instagram would increase the video length eventually. Already the adverts were double the length of their permitted video length but not many adverts are only 30 seconds long. Instagram have said that they understand that many companies have all these different creative resources and they wanted to give them a chance to reach their business goals. A few of the adverts on YouTube are one minute long and obviously Instagram want to be able to match them because otherwise they might lose business.

The first two adverts that Instagram are running at the new length are T-Mobile's Superbowl ad and a trailer for the new Warner Brothers film How To Be SingleYou can currently watch the the T-Mobile ad on there and we'll post it below because it's worth watching. Why? Because the advert almost works in a way that's good for Instagram. 

A video posted by tmobile (@tmobile) on

Most people view the service in public, with the sound down so adverts aren't going to do much. So if a company wants to grab attention with their advert then they need to make it worthwhile to watch with no sound for the first few seconds. I watched the entire advert first with no sound and then with my earphones in and though I had no clue what was going on without the sound, it was strange enough that I was curious about it. If companies want to take advertising on Instagram seriously then they need to do it in a way similar to what's popular with the website's user base. Plus, using celebrities probably helps as well.

For Instagram to keep up and running then they do need to be making more and more money from adverts. You just have to hope that they'll at least be entertaining to watch more than a few seconds of.

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