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UK Independent Health Inspectors will Start Monitoring Hospital Feedback on Facebook

Medicine is currently something of a contentious subject in the UK. Junior doctors are striking, budget cuts are looming and care quality is being called into question. Quality control is also currently undergoing a bit of a reformatting, as many independent inspectors have experienced a loss in funding, and have had to rethink their methods. One of the largest boards - the Care Quality Commission (CQC), have adopted an interesting new tactic, they've started using Facebook to monitor hospital performance.

This decision largely comes on the heels of a 25% decrease in budgeting, but the CQC aren't the first inspection board to incorporate social media into their game plan. On the contrary, it actually seems to be catching on. In the US, a research collective called HealthMap set up Crowd Clinical to rank hospitals via Twitter feedback, and many hospitals there and elsewhere in the world have begun to devote staff specifically to social media relations, reaching out to patients directly for input. 

In the CQC's case, it's not going to be pivotal, but they claim that negative comments and anecdotal data from patients will allow them to get a better idea of which aspects of a hospital they need to focus their scrutiny on. With so much less money to play around with, it means that they'll be less able to actually send inspectors out to assess hospitals properly, so it makes sense to look for ways to allow patients to help them do the work.

The advantage of this, hypothetically, is that it would place more emphasis on identifying potential issues before anything bad happens, rather than reactionary measures following an incident. Depending on how much success the CQC find with this method, it might start becoming the standard, in such a way that even in circumstances where funding isn't so much of an issue, boards use it as a means of redirecting their funding elsewhere.

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