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Two Factor Authentication has Arrived on Instagram

Hacking is one of the things we worry about most when it comes to social media. Sure, sometimes that hacking is just a friend logging into your account and doing something annoying but sometimes it's worse than that. If you endorse any products or are considered a celebrity then you could lose followers, your reputation and then because of that you could lose money. Even if something like that is not a worry, you never know what sort of things someone could glean from your account so it's always best to be careful.

Unfortunately up until now Instagram hasn't been all that careful. All you needed to log into the service was the person's username and password which can be pretty easy to steal or guess. Most of the time you wouldn't even know you'd been hacked until it was too late and it could be impossible to get your account back if your hacker decided to change your details. Instagram have finally seemed to realise that this could be a serious problem and have added in a two factor authentication system.

The system isn't something you have to do. If you're not worried about being at risk then you can ignore it but for some people this could be a life saver. It's worth noting that you might still need to provide a phone number, but you can disable the two factor authentication so you don't get notified. All the two factor system does is ask for your phone number.

Once you're connected then if someone on a different phone or computer to what you usually use you'll get a text with an authentication code that you'll need to log in. This means that unless someone steals your phone as well, they won't be able to log in and that you'll know if someone does try to. Admittedly it can be kind of annoying if you say, need to regularly use different computers to log into Instagram for work or because you're having to use library computers or whatever but it is better to be safe than sorry.

The authentication can still be a little buggy so unless you badly need it you'll probably be okay waiting for a week or so for Instagram to have it working perfectly. For now though it looks as if Instagram are finally taking user privacy seriously.

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