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Trending Tweets in Your Timeline as Twitter Experiments with New Features

Venture Beat
Users of Twitter are used to seeing trends pop up rarely whether it's a promoted tweet (aka an advert) or just someone you follow who has gotten into the trends you can see to the side. However that soon may become more regular if Twitter's current experiment gets the go ahead to roll out for all users.

Twitter have been known to test new things that some users will get but that they’re not able to roll out to everyone. But their current experiment is causing a bit of a stir thanks to the amount of people who disagree with the service it's providing. Some users are being shown trending tweets in their timeline based on what's considered a big event. It doesn't take into account what you're interested in or who you follow; it just shows relevant tweets to that topic. When Venture Beat spoke about the experiment they saw tweets on the Australian Open and other people have since seen the trending tweets on Terry Wogan's death.

The tweets would pop up in your timeline just like any other tweet but with a heading saying this topic is trending. For some people this might make people curious enough to dive into the actual tag after seeing a few tweets but most people have decided instead to get rid of the tweets. Fortunately it's as easy to remove as the while you were away tweets. There's a little x next to the heading and if you click that you can choose to dismiss the tweets and say whether you like or dislike the feature.

Most people seem to think that the tweets would be as good as the Moments feature if they were tailored to the individual user. Twitter should have enough information on each user and if not it could do something like other recommendation settings where you tick boxes on the types of topics you'd be interested in. If the trending tweets were relevant to user’s interests then they could encourage more re-tweets and replies as people won't have to go hunting down the tweets they're interested in through the packed trending tags. As it is now though, most people just find the trending tweets popping up in the time line both annoying and pointless.

It doesn't seem likely that Twitter will be able to roll out this service to all Twitter users but if they altered it a little then it could be a good change for the site.

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