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Tinder Improves Its Messaging Platform

Ahh Tinder, an incredibly popular dating app that still somehow manages to be the butt of many jokes. The app is used by many people across the world to find hook-ups, relationships and, for some people, friendships and they're about to make their messaging system a little more like a typical messenger.

It seems as if most messaging apps these days are connecting with Giphy and are allowing users to send gifs to each other. It's a popular idea and if we're all honest, sometimes we're just lazy and at least a gif looks like we've put more thought into a response then an emoji would. But gifs can also be great ice breakers and when you're trying to find a potential date, their choice of gifs could help you make up your mind how similar you are when it comes to sense of humour. The addition of gifs to make it more like a normal instant messaging platform is also good because it could help encourage people to have longer conversations. A lot of people feel like they need to switch to texting quite quickly rather than continuously using the app and if you don't know a person that well, you might not be too keen on giving out your number. Another feature Tinder have included with this update is the ability to like individual messages. This could simply be used to show approval of a gif choice or a message or it could show that you've read the message and understand even if you don't reply for whatever reason. Both features encourage more engagement within the messaging system and this can only be seen as a positive thing.

What might not be so positive is that Tinder users now have the ability to upload photos straight from their camera roll. This could be used for good in uploading selfies you've taken that you don't want to share on Facebook. It gives you a little more freedom with your photo uploading but it could also be used for negative purposes. For instance guys who might use it to send sexually explicit pictures to the ladies they're looking for. These pictures are going to likely be unwanted but because pictures don't have to be posted from Facebook now, this could happen. I'd like to think that most guys would have the sense to not do this as it could lead to them being laughed at but the problem with an app that's used for hook-ups is that people might think that this sort of thing is okay when it really isn't.

iPhone users now also have to option to use the Apple 3D touch feature to peek at links that are sent in the messenger as well. I'm not sure if that's a positive or a negative but I suppose that depends on who you're talking to.

This Tinder update has both positives and negatives and it's been rolled out to both iOS and Android users.

 Rosina Brooker

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