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The Response to #RIPTwitter is No Altered Timeline

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There have been rumours recently of how Twitter were going to change their posting algorithm so that you'll see posts in an order that they think you want to see them, rather than the current reverse chronological order. After Buzzfeed posted an article on this saying how this change will be implemented as soon as next week people went on Twitter to rant and #RIPTwitter started to trend.

Big changes like that are always hated when they were first implemented. People hated the news feed when Facebook introduced it and now it's just something we're used to and accept if not love. But it seems that sometimes the possible changes just aren't worth it and the company decide against them after all. The general responses to the time line changes on Twitter were negative. The few users who saw the changes did not like it and those views would have been made clear. However we didn't really hear about them as the complaints were drowned out by other noise about Twitter's problems. But because of this we have no way of knowing whether they were actually planning on still implementing the changes of whether the reason it's not happening is because of the hashtag.

Jack Dorsey addressed users on Twitter on Saturday night and informed them that those changes will not be taking place next week. He said that Twitter is staying the way it is because that's what makes it special. Basically they've realised Twitter's timeline isn't broken so they don't need to fix it. You can assume some Twitter users will not come back even knowing they don't have to worry about the changes. However you do have to ask, would it have been a good change if they implemented it? In my view, probably not. The best way for them to compete with Facebook is to not copy them and that's what this change would be doing. Twitter needs to highlight everything about it that's special and different to other social media sites so the changes that make it a copycat service might not be good right now.

Still the magnitude of the negative response was huge and you can see how many people still use Twitter as it was. It may be that as bad as it was, as much as the users were screaming no at the staff it could have done some good. This is an example of where listening to their users really is the best action. Twitter can see that they have active users and how they feel about the site which might help them work out where to go next if they want to keep this site up and running. So as unusual as this sounds, whether Twitter weren't implementing the process and it was reported wrong or whether they're running away from the idea with the tails in between their legs, it seems like #RIPtwitter might not be the end after all.

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