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Studies Suggest that Tinder is Good for Friendship, but Bad for STIs

With Valentine's Day having come and gone, dating apps all experienced a spike in registration and use and as usual, Tinder maintained its position near the top of the list. It's not as dominant as you might think, Tinder has roughly 50 million registered users, while Match.com has around 96 million and Badoo has a staggering 244 million. That being said, Tinder still sits a comfortable 3rd, just ahead of Zoosk and Plenty of Fish.

The thing is though, some of its figures might not be directly related to dating, and those that are have some rather disturbing asterisks. Two completely separate and otherwise unrelated studies were published recently. One revealed that, at least in US college environments, Tinder is actually used more as a means of finding new friends than finding love. 58% said they'd never been on a date with anyone they matched with, and 53% said they were mainly looking for friends.

It's probably just as well, since the second study, conducted by the University of Sydney, claims that there an estimated 750,000 active Tinder users with pubic lice. That translates as around 1.5% of the total user base, but even still, it's less than encouraging. Treatment is relatively straightforward, but if you're using Tinder actively it's not something you're going to want to deal with, as patients are generally advised to avoid all forms of sexual intercourse until a few weeks after the final check up has confirmed that the little blighters are indeed gone.

Tinder have been pretty slow of the mark with sexual health awareness, but if this trend of people using it more for non-carnal purposes gains any more momentum, the issue might just fix itself. After all, recent updates have increased the amount of information you're able to put on your profile, so people have a lot more to go on with matching than just appearance, deciding who to befriend based on how they look would just be weird, unless you're Regina George. Don't be Regina George.

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