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Social Media Shows Support for Kesha in Case Against Sony

If you've been on social media at all this weekend then you're bound to have seen the #FreeKesha movement. It's in response to the court case on Friday where Kesha tried to win her freedom from Sony so she could record music on her own. However the injunction was denied due to the fact her contract with Dr Luke didn't specify that she had to work with him and it appears that Sony are on his side.

This ruling has angered many people across the world and rightly so. There have been requests for people to boycott Sony and many people have pointed out that Sony allowed Zayn to exit his contract as part of One Direction just because he was unhappy but when one of many women wants to get out of a contract with a man who emotionally abused her and she claims drugged and raped her? She isn't allowed. There have been posts on this on Tumblr and Facebook but the social media service that has felt the most of the uproar is Twitter.

More celebrities are seen to be using Twitter than any other social media so it's no surprise that the many tweets of support from mostly female celebrities have been noted.

She even has the support of drag queens.

But there is one celebrity on Twitter who has really made the news with their support of Kesha and that's Demi Lovato. The former Disney star tweeted her support before going on a tweet rant about how women need to be treated as equally as men which is all fair enough. She has a point and it's good to see someone who is so famous standing up for these rights, but then she tweeted this:

Many people believed she was talking about fellow singer Taylor Swift with this tweet. Swift calls herself a feminist but had yet to actually tweet anything to Kesha. It turned out that she didn't feel the need to be vocal on social media because she'd actually donated $250,000 to Kesha. It was a sweet thing to do and Demi herself has said that she wasn't insulting Taylor with that tweet. She feels that maybe Taylor could do or say more but she wasn't trying to make the situation about herself or anyone else. Personally I think it's ridiculous that fans would get in an uproar about someone possibly insulting someone else when there's more serious discussion to be had but that's the world of celebrity for you.

Outside of the celebrity stream many people are still tweeting their support for Kesha with drawings, graphics and so on. No one seems to really believe she was faking it and it'll be interesting to see if social media can make a change. There's even a Kickstarter been set up to earn money for Kesha so that she could buy her own contract from Sony. This would allow her to make her own music without worrying about Dr Luke if Sony don't see sense and free her and hopefully get rid of this man who seems to have done a lot of horrible things to women whilst working with them. The Kickstarter has nearly reached 10 thousand dollars out of the necessary $2 million and it claims that even if they don't reach the goal, the singer will still get the money. Kesha herself hasn't said anything about this yet but she has been tweeted so hopefully this money will go to a good cause.

What this entire situation seems to suggest is that people do care about these things and they will turn to social media in the bad times. At the moment the legal courts are failing women and if it takes this horrific celebrity case to make a difference then so be it. Until then social media is going to continue to be used to pledge support for Kesha and for any other women that may wind up in a similar situation.

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