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Say Happy Birthday on Facebook with a Video

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Going on Facebook on your birthday is both a blessing and a nightmare. It's always lovely to see someone wishing you well but when you consider the fact most of your Facebook friends probably haven't spoken to you in a long time, it's always kind of bittersweet. Let's face it, most of the messages just say something along the lines of happy birthday and hope you have a good day. Maybe a few of them will be something a little more special, a picture, memory or you're both referred to in the message by a nickname but it's still not as special as when they share those birthday wishes in person.

But now Facebook are making it so you can send birthday wishes that are a little more personal. When someone opens up a box to write on your wall, they'll see a little banner encouraging them to send you a birthday video. It can only be 15 seconds long but there are a few different birthday overlays and rather than lumping all the videos into one, you can view each separately. It doesn't seem likely that every single one of your friends is going to send you a birthday video at first so even if they are just saying happy birthday, it'll at least stand out as being a little more special now.

That is only for now though. There are going to be people who will send videos like they send general birthday wishes, just because Facebook tells them that it's your birthday and they should. Admittedly it's a little less likely that they'll want to put the effort in if they don't care about you but if it becomes a trend then they might want to at least try it out. Gimmicks like this spread fast and video messages could quickly grow as annoying and stale as the current birthday messages if they're overdone.

They shouldn't be overtaking your news feeds just yet though as the feature is currently only available on iOS devices. They'll be rolling it out to Android users as well within the next few months but there is no exact date. No matter what type of phone you have I'm sure you'll be able to send your friends embarrassing birthday videos very soon.

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