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#PrettyLipsPeriod has Black Women Pouting for Instagram

Social media can be cruel, as Ugandan model Aamito Lagum bore witness to last week, when a picture of the model’s lips was posted on the Mac Instagram account. The comments on the post were mostly racist, mocking her pout rather than commenting on the lipstick colour like they were supposed to. Now black women on Instagram are taking a stand and showing support for the model with their own pictures.

Now it wasn't like there wasn't support after the picture was posted. Aamito posted on her own account thanking Mac and saying that her lips gave people sleepless nights. Which was a perfectly sassy thing to say and face it, most women making those comments probably can't sleep as they're wishing for lips like hers. Mac then posted a picture saying they respect all ages, sexes and races basically saying they didn't care if a few racists didn't like that they might sometimes post pictures of people of colour because, hey, they wear make-up too. If that had been the end of it then it might have been an okay ending to story but more people were outraged then you realize.

#PrettyLipsPeriod started trending on Instagram and the tag is still being used. The idea of the tag was basically to say that black women have pretty lips too. Many women are posting selfies sharing various different shades of lipsticks as they pout, smile and do whatever else with their lips. Looking through the tag is actually kind of fun and you see support from people other than black women too, though in this case I'm not sure it's necessary. It's still nice to see though.

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The other great thing about this is that #PrettyLipsPeriod isn't just showing support for Aamito but some people are pairing the tag with the #BoldLipsForSickleCell tag to spread awareness for Sickle Cell disease. The BoldLipsForSickleCell account has been around for a while and has been challenging people for a while to buy their merchandise and share their selfies. They're a non-profit organisation that is trying to support people who suffer with sickle cell disease. Most of the time having these two trends piggyback on each other might seem a little strange but this time it seems like the support is turning into a good cause.

It's hard to say how much longer this trend will carry on now it's being reported about but check out the tag while you can. And if you're a black woman who loves her lips and wants to get involved, why not share the hashtag and a selfie on Instagram too?

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