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Nintendo Is Releasing Info On Their New Social Media App


A couple of weeks ago we mentioned in the weekend feature that Nintendo were coming out with their own app. This was exciting news for both Nintendo fans and parents who were no doubt pleased that there was another kid friendly app coming on the market however their first release might not be what they were hoping for.

The first app that will available in March is Miitomo, a game that takes the idea of the Mii like you could make on Nintendo's Wii, Wii U and 3DS. A Mii is basically a little version of you that you can make to interact with other users. They tend to be made of simple, click through options and there doesn't tend to be much choice but they can be cute and very individual to you anyway. With this new mobile app I expect what you can choose for them will probably increase, even if you may have to pay real money to get some extra in-game currency for some of the hairstyles and outfits.

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Your Mii won't interact with others in the usual street pass fashion but instead with something more like a mix between a social media service and the 3DS game Tomodachi Life. This makes it sound like you will have free reign to do some random things with your Mii but you'll also be able to ask and answer questions so your friends can get to know you better. It's a sweet little idea to introduce kids safely to social media because it's getting more and more difficult to stop them from accessing it. It'll also be good for gamers, Nintendo isn't always hugely popular among serious gamers so this could give teenagers and adults who also like the company's work to share their love for it.

This is only the first of the apps Nintendo would like to release between now and sometime in early 2017. They plan to release five apps but Miitomo will possibly be the only Freemium one. They know Freemium is more popular for Android users but they feel that their target market - children - could wind up accidentally spending money in a Freemium game so parents won't have to worry if they need to pay out in the beginning for it. This is a smart move because other video game developers like Square Enix often charge for their mobile games too. These Nintendo games may feature popular characters but won't be direct ports of console games. However it is worth noting that Nintendo already have two Pokemon apps out under their Pokemon Company label and one of those is a direct port of the downloadable 3DS game Pokemon Shuffle and the other is just a jukebox. It doesn't seem as if Nintendo is counting these apps though or the soon to be released Pokemon Go app.

If you're interested in the Miitomo app then you can register a username now here. If you already have a Nintendo account then you can sign up using that or you can register from scratch. Signing up will not only mean you have an account secured when the app is released but you'll also get free points to spend with their new My Nintendo rewards scheme so an early sign up could be worth it.

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