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New App 'Tribe' makes Video Messaging Simple Again

With apps like Snapchat video messaging is already fairly popular and it's no surprise that more and more services are popping up that allow users to do so. One of the more recent additions to this network is Tribe, an app that refers to itself as a magical messenger and is available on both Android and iOS worldwide. This app is one that goes back to basics with a colourful layout and a simple interface.

One of the great things about Tribe is that it is so simple. Once you've set up your account you're taken straight to the main interface and there are two video examples to watch to see how you use it. It would be easy to work out without them though. You can add contacts from your phone contacts or find out the pin code of a friend to add them. This means you don't have to worry about sharing phone numbers when you first start messaging someone. To send a message all you have to press and hold the picture of the contact and record your message. Unlike Snapchat it can be longer than 30 seconds but you cannot add text or anything onto the video. It is just a video message. You'll be able to see in what they call the 'magic mirror' either your face, what you're recording using the front camera or the audio only message in the corner. It's pretty useful to see what you're sending as you go because then you can see if anything strange happens during. The magic mirror is always up unless you click to close it which you can do by tapping through the options.

Now what makes it different to Snapchat in a way that isn't just back to basics is that you can have group chats. This means that if you want to share something with a certain group of people but don't want to select through them then you can them to a group, they'll all get it at once and if they reply, you and the others will all get the message. You can also see the weather and temperature information and how far away they are from you during the video which could be pretty useful if you're planning something. You can easily use the app one handed as you drag to go through contacts, the reply button is conveniently located and without a keyboard you don't have to worry about typing anything out.

What makes it similar to Snapchat that will please people is that the video messages are deleted from their system once watched and you can open and reply to the messages whenever you have the chance.

It's a nice little app if you're just getting into video messaging or if you want something simple but make sure you already know someone either with the app, or willing to download it with you first, as you otherwise might be waiting a while to find someone else with the app as it's still in its little known beta stage.

Rosina Brooker

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