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New App from The Workers Lab will Help You to Report Bad Employers

Plenty of us have found ourselves in the situation, at some point in our working lives, of either witnessing or being asked to perform a potentially dangerous task at work. If you are clued up on your rights and have the confidence to assert yourself this may not cause an issue, but so many workers either don't know when they can refuse or are afraid to report offences in case they lose their job. To combat this, Oakland-based organisation The Workers Lab are funding an app aimed at reporting such offences in an easy, safe way.

The Workers Lab are aiming to put a stop to dangerous working conditions like this extreme example - WorkersAdvisor
The app, as yet unnamed, is being built by app developers SeeClickFix, who have previously created apps allowing residents to report issues in their local area, such as potholes or graffiti. Their previous forays into the app market have achieved a decent level of success and continue to prosper, so the odds look pretty good for the new project.

The app, when finished and made available for download, will allow users to anonymously report workplace violations by uploading images highlighting the issue to the app. The app then uses your location to suggest appropriate agencies to deal with your complaint. As well as ensuring the privacy of its users, which is obviously a major concern as staff members who report their employer's violations can easily become the victims of retaliation, the system also gives you the peace of mind that your complaint will reach the right people. This will, in my opinion, prove to be the main appeal of the app, as many people are unsure who to turn to in these situations. The system can also be used to report a wide range of offences, including the withholding of wages or unsanitary conditions, rather than limiting itself purely to employee safety concerns directly.

Moving beyond dealing with individual complaints, the app could be used in the long run to help identify larger issues in certain areas or with a particular company, as multiple complaints focused on the same business will eventually lead to a legal investigation.

All in all, The Workers Lab do seem to have identified a gap in the market that will prove beneficial not just to their company's financial prospects, but also to those users who make use of this truly inspired and helpful service.

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  1. When you are in that position of fearing that your speaking out would cost you your job you die a little. We Americans are the walking dead.


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