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Model Emily Sears is Exposing Men Who Send Her Inappropriate Pics

Men should know by now that if you send a woman a picture of your genitals without their permission, you probably won't get a good response. You'd think that by now the idiots who do that sort of thing would have slowed down if not stopped but that doesn't seem to be the case. Fortunately 31 year old Australian model Emily Sears has decided to show the men bugging her how much it can bother women by sharing what they've done with the women in their life.

According to Emily, she gets a minimum of one or two inappropriate pictures a day. When she signed up to Instagram and decided to share pictures of herself, that was not what she expected. Yes, her account contains many pictures of her that could be considered sexy, including images of her in underwear but you'd have thought that more people would have the common sense to realise that they aren't an invitation to harass her. After having put up with this for so long, Emily decided to get her own back with a smart move that perhaps more women should consider doing themselves.

See, the problem with doing something creepy on social media is that unless you make an anonymous account everything you do can be traced back to you. And in an age where nearly everything is posted and shared on social media, then linked all over the place, it's far too easy to get caught out. Emily has been clicking through to her harassers own Instagram and Twitter accounts and has been tracking down their girlfriends or female family members. She's then been informing them what that man in their life has been doing because she feels like they have a right to know. Not only is this going to humiliate the men, some of whom have claimed that someone else must have been using their account, but it also allows the women to see some solidarity. If a woman finds out her brother is doing that then she might remind him that he'd probably be mad if he found out some other guy had been sending her those pics and if a girlfriend finds out what their boyfriend is doing then maybe they'll realise that the man really isn't worth their time. One woman Emily messaged actually got back to her telling her that her boyfriend had been in fact messaging a few other women such pictures and that when she then dumped him for it, he hit her. This wasn't a guilt trip message but a thank you because it meant she was finally able to get out of that relationship and it's a positive message to share for any other women in a similar situation.
Not everyone is in agreement with Emily's response to her harassment and I'm sure that some of the messages she's received back aren't all that friendly but in the long run she is doing something good. By exposing people to what she is going through, she is showing that this is still a problem but there are consequences. These sorts of pictures are actually a form of sexual harassment even if some consider them harmless and some of these men need to realise that bad things can happen if they send such pictures. It might not be as scary as dealing with the police over them but if more women follow in Emily’s example then they’ll at least have to deal with humiliation and losing the women in their life so let’s hope this catches on.

Rosina Brooker

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