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Mobile Users Can Now View Tweets Without an Account

For many of us today, opening Twitter would have come as a bit of a surprise. As someone who handles multiple Twitter accounts on my desktop at work I never stay logged into one account so the first thing I saw was their new homepage. Well, new to anyone who isn't living in America or Japan. Their new look homepage is a lot sleeker and it allows you to see more than the previous log in screen did. And the thing is, that isn't even the best part, Twitter have also made the very same page available to mobile users across 23 countries when they open up Twitter in their mobile browsers.

Twitter hasn't had a good start to the year and the rumours are starting to spread as people wonder how much longer the service can last. But they've finally found something that could actually encourage new users by making the site more accessible to people who either don't have accounts or aren't logged in. Twitter is the site to go to if you're wondering what's trending or want to see what people are saying about a TV show or event and you don't always want to log in to see it. But seeing how people actually tweet, respond and interact more easily is going to make the website seem a lot more inviting to new users.

Of course, you could already technically read people's tweets before but you would have to access the person you were interested in's account. You couldn't see promoted tweets and you couldn't search all that easily to see what was going on. Now you can click into trends and news stories from the home page whether you're on your desktop or mobile. This is the sort of update that people have actually been asking for and its release now is a telling thing. The actual home page has been available in some areas since April last year, which means this wasn't something that started under Dorsey but since it has taken nearly a year to roll out further, you have to think that maybe over the last few months that he's been in charge he wanted to step back and make it even more accessible. Most of Twitter's recent actions have seemed far cry to their usual efforts as they've been more about encouraging their current user base to stay. This goes back to their original objectives of bringing in new users and I think that they actually stand a chance.

Well done Twitter, I think you might be slowly getting back on track.

Rosina Brooker

Rosina is a Songbird rookie with a degree in Creative Writing. She's trying to focus on her novel on the side but is hoping that Content Writing will turn out to be a good career choice in the mean time! Follow her @RosinaAtSMF

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