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'Gotta Go' App by Chelsea Handler Provides Excuses for All Occasions

We've all been out with someone or spending time with family and have been desperate to just get away. We've all asked a friend to text or call us after a certain amount of time just so we have a convenient excuse. And some of us have tried one of the many apps available but there's a bright new app on the block which beats out all the rest: Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go.

Most of you will have heard of Chelsea Handler, American comedienne and TV show host. She is currently airing a documentary series on Netflix called Chelsea Does where she basically tried out different things. One of the episodes aired so far is Chelsea Does Silicon Valley. The area is well known for its tech start-ups in San Francisco and if you're involved in technology then it's where you aim to be. During the episode Handler complains a lot about technology and even has to use her own app to get out of a kids coding class but that doesn't mean that the app itself isn't onto something.

The app itself was built by Yeti who specialise in strategy, design and development of software. They currently don't have any other apps available in the iOS store. It's fairly simple and uses colours and emojis to brighten up its interface. To use it you tap one of the emojis on screen which correlates to the excuse you want to leave, you set up a time and you'll get a text or a phone call when the timer goes off. By clicking add excuse you can, that's right, add your own excuse which you can customize to make the excuse sound relevant to you. I mean, you're hardly going to use an "I'm about to be a parent" excuse to get out of a bad date, are you? Well, some people might. When you set up the excuse you add the number to your contacts under whatever name you like and that is who the message or call will come from in case you need evidence. If you've set up a phone call then when you pick up you'll hear a recording of Chelsea telling you what to say.

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It's pretty genius really and from what I can see it already has good ratings. For the moment it is only available in the American iOS store. If it's popular enough this will probably change but for now you will need a US iTunes account to download it. The app is however free so if you can download it I'd do so.

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