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#Google Takes Their Go Playing #AI To The Next Level

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While Facebook have been in the news this week for their hidden Chess game in Messenger, Google have more news on their Go playing AI. Though it has beaten the European Champion 5-0, they're now taking testing it to the next level and it's to play the Go World Champion. And not only will these matches be talked about and spread across several days, but they're also going to be live streamed on Youtube.

Google haven't had much to brag about recently, especially when it comes to something that their competing against Facebook with so they're clearly eager to share their success with the world. The match will be held in Seoul in March. The matches will be held on the 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th and 15th but there are no set times for when they'll be airing yet. Because we also don't know how long the matches could last, it's difficult to say whether you'll be able to tune in late or will have to catch it from the beginning.

This is a great idea for YouTube's live streaming platform because it gives Google the chance to show off what they can do. In a fast moving tech world this should grab many people's attention, even if they wouldn't usually be interested in watching something like a Go match. Unfortunately it also means that if the AI messes up or loses, there will be millions of people out there who witnessed it and we all know that once something is online, it's there forever.

However it is possible that the AlphaGo AI will lose in it's match. It might have beat the European Champion easily but the World Champion is confident and may know more tricks and strategies then even a machine could learn. If the AI does lose then it's not going to look good for Google but, to me at least, it highlights that they're willing to share their work with us after having kept quiet about the last matches for so long. If the AlphaGo wins however then it'll be a feat that will show that right now, they really are the company to turn to for AI and this could help their other tech sales too.

Whatever happens you can be sure that this live stream will be highly advertised and an event you'll definitely want to watch.

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