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Feeling #Emojinal? House of Fraser's Strange New Campaign

Retail companies are always trying to find ways to draw in new customers and social media is a great way to do so. Your campaign has to be new, unusual and it has to make you stand out from the other shops. What it shouldn't do is make people go "why on earth are they doing that?" Unfortunately House of Fraser's #emojinal campaign does just that, but does the interest it's generating make it a pass or a fail?

Between now (the 1st of February) and Valentine's Day, House of Fraser's Twitter and Facebook accounts will go emoji mad in order to try and attract a younger customer base. Will it succeed at this when most of their products are unlikely to appeal to young people? Probably not but the campaign on Twitter has been drawing a lot of attention which is what they want. The account's icon has been changed into a house emoji, their banners now say emojinal and they've been posting unreadable tweets containing just emojis as well as pictures of celebrities with emojis just tacked onto the pictures. It's strange and almost childish which is why many people first thought the account had been hacked.

This does appear to be a strange campaign for House of Fraser who are supposed to sell upmarket goods and aren't exactly cheap. It makes sense that they would want to start advertising for a younger customer base and their Christmas advert on TV did a great job of that but this just seems like a few steps back. It says nothing about their brand and it just looks as if someone is mucking around but this is just the beginning. At the start of a campaign if you don't get media attention then you aren't getting anywhere. You can't really rely on promoted posts as adblockers and the like might hide them but making people want to watch your account and hashtag and seeing how this audience spreads the word? That's a good way to get your campaign noticed and just a brief look in the tag shows it's working, even if most people are making fun of it. For that reason you do have to see the campaign as a stroke of genius but that's about as far as it goes.

We'll have to see if the campaign actually works but House of Fraser appear to think that their new target audience are stupider then they actually are. They need to sell their products more and in a more appealing way. Seeing emojis taking over your timeline is just going to annoy a lot of people and all it proves is that House of Fraser is just a little out of touch.

EDIT: Since writing House of Fraser have stopped with the emojis but have a quiz going on until Valentines Day instead. It was just a one day part of the campaign.

Rosina Brooker

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