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Facebook Sports Stadium Flops in Favour of Twitter During Superbowl

The Superbowl was supposed to be Facebook's Sport Stadium big opening weekend. This was the time when people were going to flock onto Facebook and Twitter would barely see any action. Unfortunately for Facebook, that's not what happened. You have to think that maybe they should have planned this feature to be released a little earlier on...

The Sports Stadium service was released only a few weeks ago, giving people the chance to watch and discuss a few smaller matches on it. The Superbowl was to be the first big event discussed on the site with it being a sensation that many people across the US as well as people scattered across the world would be watching. But there were issues from the off such as the score in the play by play section being behind in the first half, causing many people to head back to Twitter to both complain and talk about the game. Now the play by play isn't really the most important tab in the Sports Stadium, it's good for people who aren't able to watch the match or come in late but there's non-social media sites where people can find out those scores if necessary. The play-by-play caught up by the second half so this wasn't really much of an issue in the end but it does affect how some users view the service.

The friends comment section would have come in useful for anyone with a lot of friends posting frequently. If you want to keep what you see down to the people you actually care about then this is what the Sports Stadium does well. However this is still pretty much the same as watching your time line on Twitter so this wasn't exactly a pass or a fail.

But when it came to the expert commentators then Facebook was a little lax. Someone reported they only saw 10 comments in the experts section and one of them was an image of a tweet. This should have been one of the most important parts of the Sports Stadium, a lure to be on Facebook rather than Twitter as you can see professional opinions without following or being friends with them. But it looks as if even the experts weren't even that excited for this new feature. Maybe the fact there was a lot more about the Superbowl trending on Twitter made it a lot more tempting. Facebook had one little link part way through the game as well as a reminder in the first half to post about the Superbowl but trends related to the Superbowl, half-time and adverts dominated Twitter. It was clearly the site people still wanted to use to talk about such a big event.

The Sports Stadium could still be a good addition to Facebook but it doesn't look like they were ready to handle the Superbowl. They needed more preparation in advance and they needed something more attractive to draw people away from Twitter. A lot of people will have checked it out but not enough people stayed on the service for the entire game. Twitter certainly aren't finished yet when it comes to sports talk and Facebook still have a lot of catching up to do on that level.

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