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Facebook is Making ASCII Art Out Of Your Photos

This nifty little trick is spreading across the internet fast as people have fun seeing how their photos would look if they were made out of letters, numbers and punctuation marks. It's not something you might want to do immediately but if you're bored and have Instagram or Facebook open then why not give it a try?

Yes, that's right, Instagram and Facebook. The two Facebook owned companies seem to have an inbuilt code that means if you put .html or .txt after the .jpg of an image url then you'll see the ASCII version. There is some specifics you have to remember for this trick though which can make it kind of difficult. For one thing the url has to end in the .jpg tag. This means that the Instagram images work perfectly but Facebook not always. Personally I've tried them both and I cannot for the life of me get the Facebook images to work. I've tried every trick I can find from using a wide image, to making sure the image is public, to opening the image full screen and then copying the url and none of it has worked as they've all had extra code after the .jpg.

The other thing is that while you can easily find the image links on Facebook, even if they then don't work, it's not so easy on Instagram. To grab the actual image you may have to right click and click view page source or something along those lines. Then if you search .jpg you can scroll through the code until you find the actual image url.

If you add .html onto the image's url then you'll get a colour image like in this one from a celebrity's Instagram:

Or if you put .txt on the end instead you'll get a black and white version if the same image. The .txt versions tend to become larger versions of the same image.

Either way you'll wind up with a neat little piece of art to share with your friends. They aren't really good for anything other than that but if you get really bored you can copy the code of the .txt file and post it somewhere else to see what sort of reaction you get for your image.

Rosina Brooker

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