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Facebook Instant Articles Open For All

We have great news for any aspiring journalists looking to make a quick buck while they look for full time work - you'll now be able to make money by posting instant articles to Facebook. From April 12th you won't need to be part of a big publishing company to see your articles shared on Facebook and you'll be able to make money for them from ad revenue too.

Instant Articles have been around since May last year and relate to those news trends you see on the side of your screen. When you open a trend you see a list of articles that if you click on them and go read the article on its original page. If you're opening it up in the Facebook app then the article actually shows in the app only with fewer adverts then if you were viewing it in the web. Because an individual or company is publishing the article then they can generate ads themselves to earn money or can ask Facebook to do it for them (which they would take 30% of the revenue for). This means that you can get your articles widely read and get paid for them without having to worry that you've yet to make a name for yourself. Of course, promoting your articles yourself would still help as the more ad views you get, the more money you'll make but the idea of an instant article is that they tend to get more clicks anyway.

To post an instant article you'll first have to post the article somewhere other than Facebook. It doesn't have to be a complicated website or blog but the nicer it looks, the more traffic you'll get generally even without instant articles. You'll need to set up an RSS feed and get that reviewed among other things and all articles need to be marked up right in the editor to work as an instant article. The editing can be done easily from your Facebook page but the RSS Feed is a little more complicated so make sure you read through Facebook's guide thoroughly.

A lot of people are worried about this because it does mean almost anything could pop up as an article now but fortunately since it's not just a click then done process, some people will be put off. This is a wonderful chance for people to be able to share their writing worldwide and it does put a positive light on Facebook which is something they really need right now. These new instant articles probably won't be obvious straight away and people will have to learn what gets read and what doesn't but this is a great opportunity for many out of work or amateur journalists who will finally be able to make some money out of their writing.

Rosina is a Songbird rookie with a degree in Creative Writing. She's trying to focus on her novel on the side but is hoping that Content Writing will turn out to be a good career choice in the mean time! Follow her @RosinaAtSMF

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