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Fabric - The New Twitter App in Town for Developers

It takes a lot of time and coding to develop an app. Not only do you have to design everything and work out what coding goes where to make it work but you then have to keep an eye on it afterwards. It's a nightmare worrying that something might go down when you can't access a computer because you don't know how or when it can be fixed. But Fabric wants to solve that problem for developers.

Fabric itself has been around for a while. The development software can be used on computers and Twitter acquired the development app Fastlane a few months back which brought Fabric into the mobile sphere. But now they want users to be able to access their app or at least the Crashlytics section whilst mobile.

This means that the Fabric app itself won't let you build your apps in it but that would be impractical anyway. The last place you want to be looking for that tiny line of code you need is a small screen but it will alert you when something is wrong. The app has push notifications that you can tailor to suit your priorities. If you're busy and only want to know the urgent problems, then you can do that, but if you're just away and want to keep an eye on everything then you can get a lot more regular notifications. These will include things like when the number of apps crashing drop as well as other errors and you'll be able to see active user stats and how many are online when you check. It's pretty useful generally but even more so during the first few days of the app being available. If your app is new in the store then this is when any bugs and issues you've missed during the beta will be obvious plus it'll also allow you to see how big of a user base you might be able to pick up from the number of people who try the app on the first day.

Viewing the stats isn't the only thing user experience on the app. As well as being able to link multiple accounts to one app, you'll now be able to comment on any issues in a Stack like stream. If you do have a lot of issues and a lot of people working on the app then people will be able to comment saying if they're doing something to fix it, asking for help or explaining what had exactly gone wrong. It means that users can be proactive and that the app doesn't just have to be a glimpse into issues.

Though the app is called Fabric, it is basically just a Crashlytics app right now. It is possible that they'll add further integration later on as people get used to using the app. It works as well as using Crashlytics on the computer even if it is just a few seconds slower at updating things. If you are looking into developing then it seems like this app could be the one to use. It's available on both iOS and Android now.

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