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Apps for Learning - Geography

Geography is one of those subjects that's difficult to develop an interest in early on. Wanderlust is all well and good, but when all you're discussing is topography, exports and border control it can be hard to keep that at the forefront of your mind. The thing is though, even beyond that yearning for far flung adventure, geography is an extremely valuable area to be knowledgeable about.

A better understanding of geography can help you work your head around all the various global news stories that pop up, as well as shutting down some of your more ignorant Facebook friends. It's also, obviously, hugely helpful for travelling and if you're expecting to do some actual business abroad, even better. You might not have paid attention at school, but these 5 apps can help you to give it another go.

Disaster Alert

What better way to improve your understanding of the world than by finding out everything that's wrong in it? Disaster Alert is a mapped database which keeps you informed about all the 'active hazards' going on across the planet. That might not sound particularly educational on the face of it, but the way the information in the app is organised allows you to learn how hazardous events are assessed, which pressure and weather conditions precipitate them, and how they are handled by relief teams.

Geography Master Quiz

There are plenty of ways to make memorising information more fun and engaging, and plenty more have been ushered in with the advent of apps, but quizzes still work a treat, regardless of format. What makes Geography Master Quiz particularly good is the fact that it's constantly updated with new information which is then worked into the game. You can play it competitively online against Facebook friends or offline to unlock achievements, but in either case, there's a wealth of information to be absorbed.

National Geographic World Atlas

Obviously, I couldn't write this without calling attention to National Geographic, and as you might expect, they have a signature app, and it's fantastic. All the statistics, cartography and other information housed in NG's archives is readily available here, navigable through a gorgeous interface. It also includes real time weather data, and can even be used as a kind of makeshift travel guide, pinning the places you want to go, and the places you've already been, from cities to beaches to ancient ruins. 

Model UN 


If you aren't familiar, the model UN is an educational program which allows students to essentially 'role play' UN diplomacy. It's an excellent means of helping people understand how international relations work, but it has applications beyond that. See what I did there? The Model UN app is a comprehensive database of socio-cultural, structural and geographic data, neatly organised and easy to browse. You can look at the UN charter, chapter by chapter, get regular news updates and look at the UN's full conference calender, to name but a fraction of the wide pool of available features. 

Learn World Geography

All of the apps on this list are fairly comprehensive and this is no exception, but it's the way that information is presented which sets Learn World Geography apart. Instead of quizzing you, or just letting you browse through different pages, it uses a 'scientifically optimized' system of flashcards, allowing you to absorb the maximum information in the minimum amount of time. It's all neatly categorised, enabling you to chart your progress across specific subjects, as well as searching back through all the cards if you're after something specific.

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