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#2015BestNine Was Actually a Precursor to a Dating App!

Do we all remember the end of last year when the #2015bestnine tag really hit it off on Instagram? All you had to do was enter your Instagram ID on 2015bestnine.com and you could post a collage of your nine most popular images from the last year on the site. What people didn't know was that if you provided them with your email address then a few days later they'd send you an email allowing you to opt into an upcoming dating app.

It seems like a strange way to market your app but it's a trick that has actually worked. I suppose the beauty of it is that you didn't have to sign up for the app and the marketing was something you could have fun with even when you didn't know you were helping them. Unsurprisingly some people are incredibly unimpressed and the whole thing is now being referred to as a trojan horse. But is it really such a bad trick when you still had the option to say you weren't interested? It was a clever marketing ploy but not even one that's unusual.

When the app launched on the 1st of February it had an inaugural 130,000 users. Out of those users 76% of them are female which is higher than most other dating apps available right now. The other main difference is that while most apps connect to Facebook, this one is for Instagram users instead. The profile pictures shown are the same nine image collage that would have been created when they used the tag. If you download the app now then it'll create you a collage of your 9 most popular photos from the last 365 days, so unlike the early users you could have pictures from January on there. In an effort to prevent fake accounts from being used, people who wish to use the service must have at least 10 followers on Instagram and of course, at least 9 photos.

It works like other dating apps where you swipe right to like and left to move on. If you both like each other than you can talk about whatever you like using the messaging system. If you want to say something about yourself then under your photo you just need to put your personality hashtags which can tell you a surprising amount about someone.

Nine is currently only available on the iOS store but you can register early interest in an Android version on their website which they hope to release mid-February. It's already a hugely popular service with users in the US and the UK. The app is free and will find people in a 50km basis but if you're willing to pay a monthly subscription fee then you'll be able to narrow down your location and change your pictures. It's a pretty simple app but definitely something new on the dating market.

Rosina Brooker

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