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Youtube Now Has an Automatic Loop Option

Hindustan Times
When you have a song stuck in your head but you don't like it enough to buy it, what do you do? Listen to it on YouTube of course, and for some people that means listening to it again and again until they get sick of it. Sometimes you just want to watch something on repeat for entertainment or because you want to learn to do something, but YouTube has never let you do that until now.

There were ways to get videos to loop but they all required going onto other websites and pasting the links before you can watch the video. No one wants to go through so much hassle just so they can watch a video more than once without having to click re-play. It's something that people have always wanted a simple solution to and now they have it.

If you're watching a Youtube video on a desktop browser you can now right click on the video and select loop and you're set. The video will continue to play until you choose to stop it. It's completely magical.

No one is completely certain when this was rolled out as there was nothing from Google announcing the change but it looks to have been within the last couple of days. It seems unusual that they'd be so quiet about this considering the amount of third party services that had popped up over the years to loop video but this must have been a pleasant surprise for many users.

This change is probably due to videos on sites like Tumblr and Facebook automatically looping in the background as well as services like Vine where the short videos loop. With the popularity of certain vines meaning they get posted on Youtube and people on Tumblr preferring to link to Youtube videos rather then the native video uploader Youtube had to up their game with how people could view a video or people are going to be less likely to watch them on their desktop site

Youtube isn't a social media service that is likely to fade any time soon but as it gets stricter, they are going to have to offer more if they want people to keep coming back and video looping is only a first step.

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