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Warning For Social Media Users At Work

A ruling has passed in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) this week that says employers can now read their employees private messages during work hours. This comes after a Romanian man was sacked in 2007 for using his Yahoo messenger account to send messages to his brother and fiancée as well as work contacts.

We all know we come into work to work and we know that if we're given a computer or work phone that it's for work. However sometimes things happen and a family member with an emergency may need to call you on your work phone or the only way to contact you is through emails and messages. It happens, in today's modern society things are bound to get mixed up and we will get a hold of people in the easiest way we know how. So why are people now being penalised for that?

The new ruling says that employers can read any emails or messages you send on chat clients. The software for them to see your screen is already available, I mean, the IT department sometimes requires you to turn remote viewing on so they can fix your computer, right? So everything is already there to help your employers spy on you and they now have the ability to see anything you send on your phone as well.

It's a ridiculous act, face it, most people will only use work tools for personal means if they're desperate or it's their lunch break. It's not like most people are just messing around as they don't want to work. Okay, some people do sneakily use messengers for that reason, but funnily enough only when they're not busy. It doesn't impede on their work and personally, from experience, I know that sometimes five minutes to write down something you want whether on a phone or paper can help clear your mind so you can get back to work.

We're supposed to believe that this act has been put in place for a reason, and yes, to a degree it does make a little sense if it is impeding on an employee's work but let's face it, most employers aren't going to use this for that reason. This ruling does give employer's a chance to snoop, guidelines put into place or not, as employers can find excuses if they don't particularly like an employee. The only thing that's not being tapped right now are phone calls so if you have something you need to say then you might want to make it a phone call or use your data on your personal phone. It's terrible that people are going to have to resort to that but this act doesn't look like it's going to change any time soon and that's a damn shame.

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