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vTime - The World's First VR Social Network

Welcome to The Matrix

Just when you thought social media couldn't manage to dominate any more of our lives than it already does, Liverpool-based company Starship recently showcased their new VR social network, taking immersion on social media to a whole new level. The company claim that not long into the future the majority of human interaction will occur online and they are simply getting in the game early. I'm not so sure that's a good thing in itself, but that doesn't make their prediction any less accurate.

Although the fledgling network is still in the development stage, it is currently available for free on Samsung Gear VR devices. The company already boasts thousands of active users who make use of the network to host meetings, maintain long-distance relationships and form new connections. The company has already stated plans to make vTime available on Google Cardboard within 3 weeks, which should help them to grow their user-base fairly significantly.

The network works by allowing users to select and customise an avatar to represent themselves in the digital world, after which they are free to explore and socialise to their heart's content. To me, it seems like an advanced version of Habbo Hotel or Second Life, which doesn't sound all that terrible to be honest.

If you want to use the network to meet new people you can make use of vTime Search, which will match you up with like-minded individuals by analysing mutual interests and trending topics. These matching algorithms are never perfect though, so expect to be paired with a few unlikely characters during your search. For those without access to the Samsung Gear VR headset, you can get in on the action via 'mono mode', which provides a 2D version of the digital world accessible via a smartphone or tablet.

As the network is still in development you can expect to see more and more features appear in the coming months. The team behind the network has already mentioned photo and video sharing as a feature they want to implement. These features, which people have become accustomed to seeing as part of any social network's standard package, will be vital if they want to be perceived as a serious contender in the already highly saturated market of social media.

View the new promo video for vTime below:

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