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#Twitter10k: Twitter Debating Change to Allow 10,000 Character Tweets

For as long as Twitter has been around it has been known for having a 140 character limit and it's something that has frustrated and attracted people in equal measure, but now it looks like that's set to change.

The character limit is rumoured to be changed to 10,000 characters which averages at about 2000 words. That leaves it open to some very long tweets, something which a lot of people join Twitter to avoid on sites like Facebook. However the character limit isn't that surprising when you look at the Direct Messaging option on Twitter. The feature now allows you to send 10,000 character messages privately to people so it was only a matter of time.

According to Re/Code, Twitter is already testing a newer version that allows extended characters but where you would only see the first 140 characters of the message and to view the rest, you would have to open the tweet. Basically like the read more feature on tumblr or even just the little bit of an email your provider sometimes allows you to read before deciding you want to read it. However all this means is that Twitter wouldn't change all that much aesthetically and even that doesn't seem to appease many people who have heard the news.

Of  course there are people who would be happy with the change. It would mean you would be able to post links without having to shorten your sentence and, well, if you want to write an essay then you wouldn't need to post it as an image. But the beauty of Twitter has always been that your tweets have to be 140 characters. It makes you stop and think about word choice and phrasing, you don't just squash everything together and hope it fits. If you lose the 140 characters then you lose that opportunity. However it is worth noting that Twitter is thinking of making the change because so many people post images of longer text so this isn't just the staff pulling ideas out of thin air.

It hasn't been confirmed that Twitter are planning on implementing the 10,000 character change. All that has been said is they will be increasing the character count and introducing it this quarter, so in reality they could just be going up to 300 characters or something else less drastic.

Unfortunately the 140 character limit is definitely on the out and even though Jack Dorsey is trying to save Twitter, this might just cause a lot of users to abandon ship.

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