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Twitter Will no Longer Show Ads for VIP Users

Do you still see adverts on Twitter?

If so, then you're not a VIP user according to Twitter. The social media service which uses ads to make money has apparently been planning on getting rid of the adverts for certain users since September last year. It's something that many people want and why a lot of people wind up using ad blockers. You're on Twitter to be social, not to look through adverts. But considering Twitter's recent plan to make actual users tweets into adverts, you have to wonder what they're actually doing.

The Twitter staff are clearly hoping that an ad-free subscription for certain users will encourage them to stay. More and more people are abandoning ship or are at least talking about leaving the site as worse and worse changes come in. Is this a big enough change to keep more people around? Probably not. I'm not sure that just seeing less ads is going to be the lure that Twitter are hoping for. Perhaps it'll encourage some people to tweet more but more than likely people won't even notice if the ads disappear. We're so used to passing over them these days that unless someone is checking specifically to see if they have no ads, it's not exactly going to be something they're going to tweet about and celebrate.

Twitter VIP status is measured by how many people your tweets reach out to, this includes the number of followers you have, the volume of tweets, and so on, so at least it's not just rolling out to the richest people. This does mean that anyone can essentially become a Twitter VIP but unless they roll out something more interesting, it's just going to seem like a lot of effort for nothing. Fortunately, Twitter can afford to go ad-free for a few users for now. Most of the money they made in 2015 came from ads but whether it'll stay that way now people realise some people are going ad free well... we'll see.

This isn't the smartest change Twitter have made recently but it's not the stupidest either. It's just something that feels almost pointless, but at least Twitter are finally trying to do something for its current user base and not just draw in new ones.

 Rosina Brooker

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