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Twitter Sparks Crowdfunder To Buy Jeremy Corbyn A Bike

The Independent
It's weird what sort of things that social media and the internet can spark. In the not so distant past a newspaper article calling a Socialist party's leader desire for a £475 bike would be privately jeered at or agreed with by the general public but social media makes all the difference.

A few weeks ago the Telegraph described Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as "coveting" a £475 bike. A price that to most people sounds like it’s pretty average for a decent bike. When a link to the article was posted on Twitter many people responded negatively, pointing out that compared to other politicians he is saying he wants a much cheaper form of transportation, one that wouldn’t even be taken out of tax payer money but his own. The tweet was deleted after complaints massed on the site but fortunately some people screen capped the original.


A crowdfunding site was started to earn money to buy Corbyn his dream bike in response as both a treat and to poke fun at the Telegraph. The link and message were spread across social media with news sites and individuals commenting on the attempt. It reached it's target of £475 within an hour and twenty minutes of being posted on a couple of politics pages on Facebook before it went on to make it's rounds on Twitter. Some people pointed out he could afford his own bike so they shouldn't be buying him one but in the end the money won't be going towards Corbyn himself.

What started out almost as a social media joke has led over £7,000 being raised for charity. £475 of it, the cost of the bike itself, will be given by Corbyn to a charity of his choice but the rest will be sent over to Calais to help the refugees living there. It's a cause that Corbyn has been tweeting and talking about himself.

No matter where your political allegiances lay this is how social media can help politics and politicians in the modern age. Twitter has allowed the message to be spread that we should earn money for this man and that money isn't even really going to him. If politicians want support then they need to use social media and interviews to make people love them so when they need support against the opposition, they can turn to social media and tell people that they're wrong. Because not only did this wonderful fundraising happen but joke fundraisers were talked about to basically humiliate the opposition as well.

The crowdfund for Jeremy Corbyn's bike has yet to end so you can still donate money to Calais Action through this but make sure you share about what the crowdfunding was originally for when you do.

 Rosina Brooker

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